I have a long history of lower back pain that is caused by 3 bad discs that the warranty period has expired on.


Trucking around with an unframed pack has been nothing but miserable for me ever since all this started many years ago.

Digging around in my outdoor gear I found this Alaskan freighter frame leftover from you younger days when my back had less miles on it, and still functioned like it should. I was planning on selling it, but I decided to take the massive bag of of it, and attach a day pack.

So far it has worked very well. It has much better weight transfer, and my back stays cooler in warm weather.

I could take the ruck off and still use it as a freighter frame if I wanted or needed to, but I doubt I will.


Even with moderate loads, it is way more comfortable than a floppy unsupported ruck style backpack.


The frame pictured was from a Cabelas Alaskan pack, similar to this one:

Alaskan pack frame

The ruck sack in my photos is a LL Bean Canvas Continental, like this one:

continental rucksack

I’ve also attached my Frost River Isle Royal Sr. and my Frost River Arrowhead Trail packs to this same frame as well.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of making an ice fishing pack basket type rig to hang on this frame as well. But that’s another days project.

I’m very happy with my cobbled together modular pack rig so far.

If you wanted to build one, no need to get a freighter frame, that’s just what I had on hand. A cheap thrift store garage sale job would work just fine I bet.

If you try this, let me know how it works out for you. Send some photos and I’d be happy to post them to help out some other guys.