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Not So Damn Sweet Pickled Northern Pike Recipe

Locally Elf and Olsen’s are two popular brands of pickled Herring. This recipe is less sweet than either of them. Fairly close in flavor to Elf brand, but slightly less sugar, and if I remember correctly much less sweet than... Continue Reading →

Life At 30 Below Zero just can’t stop yourself from thinking, “There is no goddamn reason for this!"

Al Mar Eagle Heavy Duty ZDP-189 Has Been Ordered

Well, I made a decision. I decided on an Al Mar Eagle Heavy Duty.

Modular External Frame Bushcraft Pack

Trucking around with an unframed pack has been nothing but miserable for me ever since all this started many years ago.

It's that time of year again folk, time to put the tire chains and the snowplow back on the 'ol motorcycle.      

Here is an absolutely gorgeous Wieland camp knife

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